Silvana Hurtado Dianderas

beeldende kunst, Design, scenograaf

Silvana Hurtado Dianderas

Vechtclub Keiland



Ruimte: K08

Silvana is a Peruvian artist and scenographer. She graduated from a Visual Arts Bachelor’s in the Catolica University in Lima, Peru and came to The Netherlands to pursue her Master’s in scenography at HKU from which she graduated in 2020. Silvana is now based in Utrecht where she is expanding her artistic knowledge and has been working on multiple creative projects.

After graduating from HKU, Silvana has been continuing her research development by creating multisensory experiences based on a loss of visual predominance. With this, the artist aims for the viewer to interact and connect with their other senses based and have an active well-rounded artistic experience.

She enjoys working with other artists and therefore, she has had several collaborations throughout the years. On one of her latest projects in collaboration with Peruvian artist Jose Hopkins Brocq, they explore the art of storytelling through the design of culinary experiences in a project called “How do you eat”.